About Us

It is hard to say exactly when Jacques Dequeker fell in love with photography. From the images of his t-shirt printing times to the first jobs as an assistant, Dequeker has carved his own path into fashion photography. He was born in the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, but is definitely a citizen of the world. A self-learner, the French-Brazilian national has been shooting on his own for a little over ten years now. In this past decade, he has been given the Best Photographer Award by ABIT (The Brazilian Textile Industry Association) and has taken part in the Rome Art Biennial, with underwater shark pictures, one of his greatest passions. The influence of his “masters” Salvador Dali and Helmut Newton can be seen in his female heroes. He sees fashion as a playful world and creates all the time. Using a Sputnik, a 1950s Russian 3D camera he found at an antique market, he innovated doing campaigns, editorials, and even a fashion show film in 3D for the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. A regular in major Brazilian fashion publications, Dequeker has gone beyond the still image and naturally moved into motion. Fashion films produced by Dequeker have got him into the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in the US and, in 2011, he was awarded the Kikito for Best Cinematography with his short film Polaroid Circus. In march 2013 he creates DQKER fashion films .

in 2014 he won  as "best director"  in the 1st INTERNATIONAL FASHION FILM AWARDS,

 in  Los Angeles.